Sex first time delay period

Sex first time delay period

Sex first time delay period: When you lose your virginity or have sex first time in general does that delay your period? The only way that sex can delay your period is if you get pregnant. This is because when you get pregnant, you don’t get a period. Changes in your period from month to month are normal.

When a couple have sex for the first time, both of them lose their virginity. Sometimes, People have sex without any protection such as Condom. Having sex without any protection may cause pregnancy to woman and hence that delays the periods.

Does sex delay your period?

Sex first time delay period
Sex first time delay period

Not really. In general, If you had sex without condom or protection and the male ejaculated inside you then yes, You will not have your period for a certain period of time. However, Hardcore sex can delay your period because it messes with the insides of vagina and hence that causes delay in period.

My period is late. I had sex with a condom but could I still be pregnant? – Sex first time delay period

Anonymous: I had sex 3 weeks ago. And im 2 weeks late. Im sure my partner used a condom. Over 3 years ago i would get my period one month but not the next. Could this be happening again or could i be pregnant?

f you used a condom correctly, the whole time you were having sex, and without any problems, it’s really unlikely that you’re pregnant.

It sounds like you’ve had irregular periods in the past, so it’s possible you’re experiencing that again. That can happen for a bunch of different reasons, like stress, illness, not eating enough, a very hard exercise routine, or using birth control with hormones. It’s also really common for teens to have a period that comes later or earlier than usual from time to time, especially during the first few years of their period. Its normal to have late periods sometimes.

However, taking a pregnancy test should not be a problem. We would suggest you to take pregnancy test for that concern.

4 Causes of Late or Skipped Periods

Missing your period can be concerning and bad for your health, whether you’re sexually active or not. Many different things can lead to missing or irregular periods, and it can take some time to narrow down exactly what’s wrong. That said, there are some common culprits behind this issue, so you have a place to start.

Common causes of missed periods

1. Extreme stress – If you’re under a lot of stress, it can interfere with your ovulation and menstruation. The solution? Self-care and stress reduction. 

2. Changes in birth control – If you’ve recently started hormonal birth control, this can cause your cycles to become irregular for a little while

3. Excessive exercise or changes in weight – While working out is good for you, a sudden increase in activity or losing a lot of weight can put a pause on your menstrual cycle. It’s caused by a high calorie burn, which leads to hormonal imbalances. 

4. Thyroid problems – Your thyroid is responsible for controlling your metabolism and menstrual cycle, but thyroid disease can throw a wrench in things. Problems with thyroid levels can lead to heavy periods, irregular periods, and skipped periods). Women are more likely to experience thyroid disease than men, so if you have thyroid problems, it’s worth mentioning. 

Does having sex delay your period or make it come faster?

Generally, sex will not cause someone to have their period if it isn’t that time of the month. “However, if they have sex around the time their menses are due — about 24 hours prior to expected start — they may notice their menses begin.

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